What if you could learn 5000 years of contextualized Jewish History in a thought provoking and memorable way in three class periods?  It’s something we’re working on here at NSHA as we welcomed back the Jewish History in a Flash program this week.  The program was custom made for BHJAand individualized for each of our three grades. Our students will encounter a different aspect of the program in each of their years at BHJA.  The high energy programs integrate animated presentations with student participation.

Moving beyond specific events, they learned about the continuity of Judaism through major historical events with a specific focus on the transmission of Torah as the method of ensuring Jewish destiny is perpetuated.  In this context we learn about written and oral Torah, commentators, religious movements and Yeshivot, globally.

The goal of Jewish History in a Flash is to make it become real and personal coming back to who we are living as a modern Jew. The idea is to drive home the major time periods as a springboard for all the other topics they learn in Jewish and Secular history.